How to convert 3D text into an editable model?

Homestyler Official 18 January 2022

Click "Customize-Interior Modeling 2.0" and select the room to enter the Interior Modeling 2.0 interface. Select the 3D text in the left "Assembly-3D Text" catalog, click to select the surface you need to place the 3D text, and then type in the text. You can change the font or edit the text in the "Parameter Settings" from the right property panel. You can also change the size and thickness of the text in the "Position" section.

After you create a 3D text, you could select the text in 3D view, and click "Cover to Model" option to convert it into an editable. In this way to further create modeling on basis of this text-shaped model.image.png

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Ольга Коваленко 18 July 2022
Куда делся 3D текст?