Added model grouping list,and more

Homestyler Official23 March 2022

1.Added model grouping list

The group list function allows you to manage lines, faces and combinations of shapes efficiently. And you can quickly rename, hide, and categorize these modeled shapes. After drawing a shape in the Interior Modeling interface, you can view all the faces of the shape and the grouped shapes in the "Group List" on the right side.


2.Supported automatic grouping after using the array function

Array function is a common function in modeling. However,  previously we have to regroup the models after each use. This update will automatically group all the models after the array, which make it more convenient.


3.Supported 3D text wrapping input, and move and rotate freely

When editing and inputting 3D text, the 3D text in the program can be synchronized with line feeds in the right input box (you can press "Enter" to start a new line). This function can solve the needs of different text arrangements. After selecting the 3d text, you can drag three axes to rotate and move it like other furniture models.


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Rutchevelle Den Ouden, ND30 March 2022
thanks for these updates
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