Introduction to the Tile Flooring interface

Homestyler Official26 January 2021

Click "Customize-Tile Flooring" to select the wall/floor, then you can enter the customize tiling interface:

Left Catalog: 

You can add various tiling patterns in the left list "Pattern". You can select materials in the "Material" section. And you can find your collected models in "My - Favorites" and your previously used models and materials in "My - History".

Top Toolbar: 

"Save", "Undo", "Redo", "Molding Brush", "Measure", "Guide Lines", "Clear", and "View".

Drawing tool: 

You can use the drawing tool to draw and edit the tiling shapes on the surface.

Property bar: After selecting an object, you can go to the property bar on the right to edit and modify it.

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