Introduction to 2D and 3D views

Homestyler Official26 January 2021

2D View

The 2d view includes two views, Plane and RCP. Click the "Plane" (shortcut key: 1) button, you can switch to the plane view, and in the plane view, you can place furniture and soft furnishings. Click "RCP" (shortcut key: 2), you can enter the top view, in the top view, you can go to place the light fixtures.2D视图.gif

3D View

The 3D view includes two views: top view (shortcut key: 3) and roaming (4). In the 3D view, you can completely observe the layout and model placement effects. In the 3D view, in order to have a better view of the interior of the room, the wall will be hidden as the mouse is turned, and you can click "View-Hide Wall" at the top to display the outer wall.


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