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He sent from above, He took me; He drew me out of many waters.

Psalm 18:16

David uses a striking image in today’s verse from the Psalms to describe divine salvation. He sees himself in a flood of water, almost drowning. Then God intervenes from above, taking hold of him and pulling him out of the water.

Isn’t that an apt picture of our salvation at conversion? We were in a stream that was taking us further and further away from God. We were being drawn into the depths by our sins. We were drifting unavoidably towards eternal destruction.

Then we heard the gospel of grace: God does not want us to be lost. We came to know Jesus Christ, who came into the world to save sinners. When we cried out to Him in faith, He reached out His hand, pulled us out of the water and set our feet on an unshakable rock. Now we know from the Word of God that condemnation will no longer befall us. We are saved for time and eternity.

This picture that David paints also illustrates God’s salvation in the life of faith. Again and again, we come into situations that overwhelm us. It seems as though we are drowning in problems. Then we are able to call on the Lord for help. He reaches out His hand and holds us so that we do not sink.

We can be sure that He will bring us through all our difficulties to our heavenly home.
Today’s reading: Numbers 34:1-29 · Matthew 17:22-27


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