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What differences Homestyler make
A faster, cheaper and easier way
Physical Photoshooting
Hire and coordinate with photographers
Rent the photoshooting studio
Scene and lighting set-up
Heavy logistics & high organizational efforts
Photo post-processing
Virtual Staging
Up to 80% cost-saving
Environmental friendly
Better visualization and real-to-life effect
Tailored virtual scenes in all styles
Sales stimulation $$$

Virtual Studio Individual Solutions

Small Customized Scene

Area: within 25m² (269.10ft²)

Space Like Study or Bedroom

2-3 Pieces of Small-Medium Furniture

3-5 Accessories

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Big Customized Scene

Area: within 50m² (538.20ft²)

Space Like Living Room

3-5 Pieces of Medium-Large Furniture

6-10 Accessories

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