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Homestyler Design Award 2020

12 January 2021


HSDA2020 has ended and winners have been annouced:

Thank you all for participation and voting. We wish you all a prosperous new year!!



In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has changed our social relationship. Commercial space is developing in a more rational direction as more attention is paid to appropriate social distance; the rising home office needs force family space to consider not only the functionality of work and residence, but also the emotional expression of family members. So what trend will the design take after the adjustment of the relationship between people and space?

Homestyler Design Award (HSDA) is the annual design contest of Homestyler that opens to all the designers and design enthusiasts worldwide. As the first year of contest, HSDA 2020 would like to address a rethinking for what designers could do to adapt to these changes after the epidemic. The contest has two subcategories – Residential and Commcial. Come and submit your innovative design work! Just click to Register Now!

Important dates:

Registration & Submission:10.15 – 11.15

Preliminary Selection:11.15 – 11.25【Prolonged to early December】

Jury Evaluation & Ranking: 11.25- 12.5 

Winner Announcement:12.21


屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午8.45.58.png


For both Residential/Commercial sub-categories, the prize for winners would be:


Submission Guideline:

1. To register your entry to the HSDA competition, plese click the "Register Now" button on this contest page, leave your contact information and agree to our Intellectual Property Right.

2. After successfully submit your registration form, please use Homestyler Floor Planner to create your design and renders. After finishing your design, please go to "Edit Project" under "My design" tab.

3. After finish editing your project, please add either the hashtag #HSDA2020Residential or the hashtag #HSDA2020Commercial in front of your project name in order to submit your design to the preliminary selection pool.

4. Please be aware that your project needs to be set as public in order to enter the award ranking.

5. If your work passes preliminary selection, it will show up in Gallery and your registration email address will also receive a notification email. Afterwards, you could share your project and call for vote, and the final number of "likes" will be an inportant ranking criteria.

6. During your participation, feel free to contact "" if you have any question.

Submission Requirements:

1. Please choose one subcatagory – residential or commercial – to create and submit your design. The design style is not limited.

2. One same work shall only enter one subcatagory.

3. Each participator is allowed submit multiple works, but if your work has already been featured, you need to open your design and use "save as" function to duplicate your design and submit it after you modifying according to submission requirements.

4. Entries which are not original will be disqualified whenever once sufficient evidence is found.

5. Work must be submited in Homestyler Project format, and shall contain at least:

    a) one Floorplan

    b) one Panorama

    c) at least one Ultra HD or 4K render for each room/space

    d) an overall description of your design

Intellectual Property Right:

1.   The Participator shall guarantee that all the submitted work(s) must be original, each Participator shall guarantee to have full and complete intellectual rights to all the submitted works. If same works are submitted by different authors, the one which is submitted first shall prevail. Any infringement or allegation of infringement of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent, trademark, design copyright and/or ownership and other rights, shall be the sole responsibility of the participant and have nothing to do with the Organizer ( and its operator, the same meaning below) and its affiliates.

2.   The organizer has right of exhibition, publishing and publicizing all entries in the competition, on condition that the author's name or Homestyler ID was referenced along with the work. As to winning works, the participants should not transfer, publish and make it in other exhibitions and/or competition, unless the organizer authorizes by written.

3.   Entries which are not original will be disqualified whenever once any evidence is found. Any related legal disputes arising therefrom shall be borne by the Participator himself.

4.   Organizing committee of competition – Topping Homestyler (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd reserves the right of final explanation.


Please read above rules in cautions before participating in the competition. If you do not agree the above rules, please do not participate the Competition. Your act of submitting any work in the competition related website pages shall be deemed to be your consent to the above rules.

Registration for HSDA: 

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