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Cafe "with love for Escher" 3d design renderings


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Cafe "with love for Escher"

By the way, Escher began to depict fractals on his engravings before the mathematical term "fractal" was introduced.

Floor Plan 2158.66㎡

Cafe "with love for Escher" floor plan 2158.66
Cafe "with love for Escher" 3d design picture 2158.66

Space Showcase 5 Renders


cafe 3d design renderings
cafe 3d design renderings
cafe 3d design renderings
cafe 3d design renderings

This home design project - Cafe "with love for Escher" was published on 2023-01-23 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 5 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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Comments (10)

  • avatarMary Leschinskay @ Karen Berry

    Karen, thank you so much! 😘
    I am glad that many people like the interior of the cafe! After all, the interior is created for everyone! thanks again! 🤝

    1 February

  • avatarKaren Berry

    love the decor... you have created a lovely cosy atmosphere and such an individual looking cafe.

    1 February

  • avatarMary Leschinskay @ @happyplace @home

    Неster, thank you dear for the assessment and kind words 😘

    31 January

  • avatarMary Leschinskay @ Call me Steph 🥰😜

    Steph, thank you dear! I am very pleased 😘

    31 January

  • avatar@happyplace @home

    This is so cool Mary! Love the atmosphere in this cosy little spot and a great tribute!

    31 January

  • avatarCall me Steph 🥰😜 @ Mary Leschinskay

    Gorgeous kitchen. love those cushions. 😍😍😍

    30 January

  • avatarMary Leschinskay @ ROBERTA GIULIETTI

    Roberta, dear,
    it is wonderful! I would like to join you for coffee and discuss the Escher exhibition in Florence! It is a pity that I am not at this exhibition! 😘
    Thank you!!!

    29 January


    I wish to take a cup of tea with you in this place, beautiful project, as always! (In this days, in Florence there's a, exhibition of Escher's works)

    28 January

  • avatarMary Leschinskay @ Yelena Omarova

    Елена, thanks a lot! Премного благодарна!

    27 January

  • avatarYelena Omarova

    Beautiful project!

    25 January