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My inspiration for my doll house came from a childhood doll of mine that wore a glittery dress while holding a guitar. I felt my doll style and guitar says she is a girl who loves to be glamorous, throw parties and loves learning new things like music, which is the personality traits that I tried to show throughout the house.

Floor Plan 39.78㎡

#MiniLoftContest-_copy floor plan 39.78
#MiniLoftContest-_copy 3d design picture 39.78
For my floorplan, I used columns to divide the kitchen and living room from the office area while tucking the laundry area away by the bathroom by putting it behind a column wall but still leaving it open to get to.

Space Showcase 8 Renders


Bedroom 3d design renderings
The bedroom is where I wanted to really show the character of my doll which inspired the bedroom décor the most. I love the makeup vanity so much by the tv plus the chair with the spring.
Bedroom 3d design renderings

Living room and kitchen

Living room and kitchen 3d design renderings
I love the island it's so adorable to drink tea, eat cupcakes and chat with one another.
Living room and kitchen 3d design renderings
I wanted to create an area that allows you to be able to watch tv and interact with guest in the kitchen. I wanted it to be enough have room to move around.

Office area

Office area 3d design renderings
My idea for the office area came from me wanting the office by the stairs.
Office area 3d design renderings
I wanted laundry area to not be visible when you look in and close to the bathroom.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
I added a shelf underneath the sink to use as storage for glam products like makeup, blow dryers, etc. without making the bathroom smaller.
Bathroom 3d design renderings
I really love the shower , I think it looks relaxing and cute.

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