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Dorm Room Fall 2022 3d design renderings


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Dorm Room Fall 2022

Plan of my dorm room for the Fall 2022 semester. Not sure how much I need the closet door to open to access the dresser, but I'm erring on the side of caution and sacrificing beauty for functionality here. If I can, the desk will be set up facing the left wall. If not, this mess will be happening. Curtains + bed not being up against either of the side walls is for noise reduction purposes. Double doors open to a closet with a shoe rack, clothing, and a dresser inside. Bed will be raised to accommodate storage.

Floor Plan 11㎡

Dorm Room Fall 2022 floor plan 11
Dorm Room Fall 2022 3d design picture 11
Unfortunately, my university designed it. Personally, I love how I lose 1/4 of the floor space in the room to a full-size bed(because double twin is apparently out of style this coming year), and about 1/3 of the floor space to the 3 doors I need to be able to open and close. Thanks Emory.

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