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Family Bathroom - Blue&beige 3d design renderings

Family Bathroom - Blue&beige

Floor Plan 9.16㎡

Family Bathroom - Blue&beige floor plan 9.16
Family Bathroom - Blue&beige 3d design picture 9.16
The floorplan is a given. Our house was built in 1995. To not have a corridor and instead, open the wall for a new door for the bathroom is not an option. Reason being, there is a stair going up against the other side of the wall.

Space Showcase 5 Renders


Bathroom 3d design renderings
Seemed a good idea to have a laundry basket as a bench, so it's more convenient to take the clothes/socks off. But good luck for us to find one that fits and looks fitting :)
Bathroom 3d design renderings
Of course side cupboards will not be the same over the washing machine and on the opposite wall. It's just for representing some furniture there.
Bathroom 3d design renderings


Some renders show a different washing basin and mirrored cupboard. The exact one we will order is not decided upon.


Corridor 3d design renderings
The toilet has a wall of course :) It is just hider for the render's sake.
Corridor 3d design renderings
An earlier iteration where instead of the cupboard there are decor tiles on the wall

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