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#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings


Hi! My name's Neve! This is my Eco Home! It's a pet friendly, child friendly, and just an overall friendly structure (go check out the renders!) Its got a lot of greenery, to keep the natural, flowing feel. In this house, I've tried to keep it simple, and decluttered so as to not use more and more plastic, and just have essentials, with that tranquil simplicity. It's set somewhere where no forest or trees have been cut down in the process. Just a rocky hill with a good view. No harm done! It relies on natural ventilation in Summer (Lots of windows) and heat from a fireplace in Winter.

Floor Plan 87.78㎡

#EcoHomeContest floor plan 87.78
#EcoHomeContest 3d design picture 87.78
Well, it's actually 2 stories, turned into kind of one big room.
First floor: foyer, to middle area with fireplace, youth, and pets living area, to kitchen
Second floor: up stairs to right, bathroom. Up stairs to left bedroom.

Space Showcase 9 Renders

#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
These two photos (this one and the one below) are views of the bedroom. This one is a floor level view, and the one under it is a higher up view, hinting at the living area. Again, it's a small space, but good small. It limits the use of unnecessary items.
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
It has a natural flow, and the greenery to keep the calm, fresh feeling. You may be thinking "what are those barn doors doing in an Eco Home!?" Well, they are there to represent second uses. It's efficient, they serve their purpose and it saves them ending up rotting somewhere.
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
On this side, looking at it from the bedroom you just admired (go on, admit it.) is the undisturbed, alleviating bathroom. A tub, where you look out onto the hills from your tranquil bathroom, your flowing swaying curtains leading on to walls of greenery. Again you can see the repurposed barn door!
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
This is the foyer/dining area, and as you can see this is the dining area (see below for other side). Basically it's just a natural wooden table, with the simplicity of bar seats and a light snack for the aesthetics. Good view, too!
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
This is the foyer/dining area, on one side is a kind of outside-park setup (just for the aesthetics, and the look. I think it's cool! I got the idea just looking through and I thought it would be a cool feature!) and then you have the dining table.
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
Hi again! This is the kitchen, I wouldn't say it's a kitchen you'd want if you are a real cooker, but it's only designed in a way that limits extra appliances. It's another calm setup with a chair - that place where you sigh and dump yourself after a long day.
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
There's a fridge, an oven, toaster, cooler and blender, to make those spinach smoothies, man! You're thinking, where's the sink, g? Well, it's in the bathroom. It's inconvenient, but it's appropriate. Enjoy your balmy, serent cooking!
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
#EcoHomeContest 3d design renderings
This is like, the middle of what I'd call the 'first floor'. To the left, your bub's crib and a couple of little bits and bobs to keep 'em entertained! To the right of the stairs, your cat's (or maybe dog's) new happy place to curl up, as well as a feeder.

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