Elle G. Cheska

2022-03-20 6 64

Toes In The Sand 3d design renderings

Toes In The Sand

My dream is to have a little home right on the beach, close as I can get to the water. And, so that's what I did here. I poured all of my dreams and my imagination into this, and I hope you enjoy it 😁🙃

Floor Plan 51.21㎡

Toes In The Sand floor plan 51.21
Toes In The Sand 3d design picture 51.21
Simple square except for that little nook that I created into a closet :)

Space Showcase 7 Renders

This home design project - Toes In The Sand was published on 2022-03-20 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 7 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

  • Elle G. Cheska @ Nikola Lavriņenko

    Wow, thank you so much!!! 🤗🥹😃

    31 March

  • Nikola Lavriņenko

    The curtains besides the bed really fills the room in and gives a light, calming vibe to it. Great job!

    31 March

  • Elle G. Cheska @ Crivella M

    Thank you so much!!!

    29 March

  • Elle G. Cheska @ Pink Designs🌸💗💕✨

    Thank you, and, of course!!!

    29 March

  • Crivella M

    Amazing!! I like all of the windows and green. Good job. :)

    28 March

  • Pink Designs🌸💗💕✨

    Cute!! Love the bed and the ceiling!! Would you mind checking out and maybe liking my EcoHomeContest Design? I hope im not asking for too much lol:)


    25 March