Aayushi Wadyalkar

2022-03-15 0 37

Architectural Design Project 3d design renderings

Architectural Design Project

For this room, I decided to separate the bedroom area with the art studio because I wanted to make a different ambience for both sides of the room. For instance, I wanted to make the bedroom cozy which making the art studio creative. I also have some space in the art studio for resting and staring at the views and some space for bigger art projects. I chose to put a big window in front of the canvas for inspiration while painting and so there will be more light in that part of the room making it more lively for creativity.

Floor Plan 40.19㎡

Architectural Design Project floor plan 40.19
Architectural Design Project 3d design picture 40.19
For the layout, I included a closet on the side and a wall in the middle. I built the closet on the side of the room because I wanted there to be enough space for the bed and a bit of space for some leisure activities.

Space Showcase 1 Renders


This home design project - Architectural Design Project was published on 2022-03-15 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 1 high quality photorealistic rendered images.