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Tech Design house 3d design renderings

Tech Design house

My inspiration for this house was a more modern and classic design for main rooms guests would normally see. Mixes of greys, whites, blacks, and golds to tie all the main floor rooms together. The upper floor consists of a similar theme for the hallway and study while the bedrooms where more personalized for those who could live in it.

Floor Plan 484.8㎡

Tech Design house floor plan 484.8
Tech Design house 3d design picture 484.8
The floor plan is a mix of things I've seen in houses. Small entrance hallway relating to homes my extended family lives in while the bedrooms match my sisters home.

Space Showcase 19 Renders

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
My idea for this room was simply something with colour. I think my favorite part of this room is the bed. The pillows and colours fit perfectly to what I wanted from this room.


Garage 3d design renderings
Garage 3d design renderings
I didn't really have a plan for the garage but the thought of a small area to play music made me smile so I had to make sure there was room for it.


Bathroom1 3d design renderings
This is the main bathroom on the upper level. I wanted something plain yet classic for if guests needed to use it, it wouldn't feel like someone's single bathroom completely.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
The lower bathroom is filled with blacks, whites, and golds, to match with the living and dining room on this floor. I enjoy both carpets in this room as I feel they tie in all the colours well.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room 3d design renderings
I didn't have a plan for this room but I found the sink with the washing machine connected to it which fueled the design for the rest of the room. It's not big, more just a room used quickly and then the clothes get brought out and back to where they where meant to be.

Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom 3d design renderings
Second Bedroom 3d design renderings
I made this bedroom green because I felt the divide from blacks and golds made it feel personal. My favourite part is the bay window as it seems very comfortable just lined in pillows and a blanket.

Dining Room

Dining Room 3d design renderings
I really enjoy the table in this room. It is just very sleek and nice, the render really caught the shine I wanted it to have. There wasn't a big plan for this room I simply wanted it to fit a good amount of people inside it.


Hallway 3d design renderings
This is the entrance to the house. Once again I really enjoy the carpet, the colours all fit really well together, but I think my favourite part of this hallway is the mirror beside the door.

Living room to kitchen

Living room to kitchen 3d design renderings
Living room to kitchen 3d design renderings
I wanted the living room to have a modern feel which I think comes across quite well between the shelf and coach. I enjoy the layout of this section a lot as I feel it can comfortably hold a lot of people.
Living room to kitchen 3d design renderings
The kitchen is quite plain but spacious because it's something I look for in a house. I like being able to cook with other people and having the space to do that is Important to me.


Bedroom 3d design renderings
Bedroom 3d design renderings
I see this bedroom as maybe more a guest room with it's simple design and colour. My favourite part is the seat beside the dresser as it feels like a comfortable place for someone to relax and read without sitting on the bed.


Hallway1 3d design renderings
The main feature of the upper floor hallway is the window at the end of it. The rest is not overly decorated ad I think the chance for a view makes up for that.
Hallway1 3d design renderings
This is an office with an open entry to the hallway. I enjoy that there is now door as it makes it feel less closed off. I also enjoy the dark colours, everything feels connected.

Second Bathroom

Second Bathroom 3d design renderings
Second Bathroom 3d design renderings
This is the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. I really enjoy the bathtub as no other bathrooms have that which makes it wanted in a sense, allowing others to want the bigger room even more.

This home design project - Tech Design house was published on 2022-04-11 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 19 high quality photorealistic rendered images.