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This room is designed for princesses at home, ones that are an absolute delight for their parents and little spoiled by their love. This space is an extension of my dreamy bedroom that I would have loved to share with my elder sister where I'd slip into a world of fairytales having all the shades of lavender and blush pink. Aiming to create a tale where time stops and magic happens . a place that unlocks kids’ imagination and encourages children to dream and write their own fairytales of adventure.

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A GIRLS'S CHILDHOOD DREAM floor plan 105.01
A GIRLS'S CHILDHOOD DREAM 3d design picture 105.01

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This home design project - A GIRLS'S CHILDHOOD DREAM was published on 2022-02-10 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 14 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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  • avatarTürkan S.

    Great job!

    26 February 2022

  • avatarsejal aggarwal

    i am so thankful to you.

    24 February 2022

  • avatarАрсен Симовонян

    Очень хорошо. Ты настоящий дизайнер. Ты мастерски владеешь подбором цветового колорита. У тебя замечательный вкус. Твои интерьеры очень легкие, в них много воздуха и ты как мотылек порхаешь в этой красоте. Очень хотелось бы, что бы ты не опускалась на землю. Удачи во всем. Арсен

    24 February 2022