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#VeryPeriContest-Boutique Nevè 3d design renderings


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#VeryPeriContest-Boutique Nevè

Good evening everyone, thank you for being here to know my design;
I decided to combine Pantone color 17-3938 with a luxury business. This very particular color, a shade between blue and purple, goes perfectly with light woods and golden surfaces. In this project I have created a luxury botique in a modern style; the cuts in the false ceiling provide the whole environment with the right lighting. The golden metal goes very well with the wooden floor, while a part of the balcony has been closed to create a dressing room. Thanks for viewing

Floor Plan 144.8㎡

#VeryPeriContest-Boutique Nevè floor plan 144.8
In this design, as you can see from the floor plan, I have decreased the surface of the balcony to create a dressing room

Space Showcase 13 Renders


Balcony 3d design renderings
Relax area on the balcony


Lounge 3d design renderings
golden metal wall with wooden display cabinet
Lounge 3d design renderings
a view from the cash desk
Lounge 3d design renderings
Lounge 3d design renderings
Lounge 3d design renderings
Lounge 3d design renderings
Lounge 3d design renderings
light cuts in the false ceiling
Lounge 3d design renderings
Lounge 3d design renderings
Lounge 3d design renderings

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    22 February 2022

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    Interesting idea! in such a salon i would be happy to visit

    10 February 2022

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    Wow! Great design - bold ideas.

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