George Papp

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OurFamilyHouse 3d design renderings


My design is about my apartment where we have lived with my family for 4 years. The apartment is located on the first floor, it's beautiful here I live here with my mother and sometimes an older sister comes to sleep there. A minor disadvantage is that we have small rooms here and two of them will not fit in our bathroom, but I can say that we feel good here

Floor Plan 221.38㎡

OurFamilyHouse floor plan 221.38
Kids Room is my personal room where I sleep, chilling, gaming and other
Kids Room 1 this room is for my sister who doesn't live here anymore so it's empty
Living Room is the room where we usually are mainly my mom she sleeps here. We would like to in the future Kids Room 1 swap for a smaller bedroom

Space Showcase 7 Renders


Bathroom 3d design renderings


This bathroom is very small but the advantage is that in one turn a person can do a lot of things wash teeth and take a shower. The best part is that even if the dimensions of the room are small, you can stuff all the necessary things that should be in the bathroom.

Kids Room1

Kids Room1 3d design renderings
It's beautiful, however, there is a room that serves first as a sister room then as a tattoo salon and now it is a bedroom.

Kids Room

Kids Room 3d design renderings
This is my office, which I use quite often, just for fun, this design was created on this place.


Hallway 3d design renderings
The place where we welcome the first guests is the center of the other rooms.

Living Room

Living Room 3d design renderings


This is just my favorite room it all blends into one color and creates great harmony.


Kitchen 3d design renderings


Such cleanliness in this kitchen is unusual here they cook those delicious dishes.


Balcony 3d design renderings
this is where I rest in that corner chair. You must to have that chair at home.

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