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#AmericanRoomContest American Style Living Room 3d design renderings

#AmericanRoomContest American Style Living Room

This is an American living room with a sloped ceiling. To capture the American style of this interior I decided to use light beige paint on the walls, warm dark-colored wood that is complemented by white baseboards, door and window frame as well as some patinated brass decors. The seating area consist of a beautiful area rug, a coffee table and the contrasting quilted black leather furniture with patterned cushions while the opposite side of the room consist of cabinets and a fireplace that seems to be the staple decor element in American living rooms.

Floor Plan 45.18㎡

#AmericanRoomContest American Style Living Room floor plan 45.18
#AmericanRoomContest American Style Living Room 3d design picture 45.18
This is a living room. It was important to create a space that could work as the center of a house where people can meet and enjoy spending time together. Therefore, the main focus of the room is the symmetrical seating area that is beautifully complemented by a fireplace on the opposing wall.

Space Showcase 2 Renders

#AmericanRoomContest American Style Living Room 3d design renderings
This image showcases the view from the seating area with a gorgeous fireplace and liquor cabinets as the centerpiece of the wall.
#AmericanRoomContest American Style Living Room 3d design renderings
This image showcases the seating area that is complemented by a huge window that lets in lots of natural lighting.

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