Nishita Chowdhury

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Mondrian House 3d design renderings

Mondrian House

My design was inspired by one of Piet Mondrian's many paintings. I used different colors for various rooms to show the influence of the color theory in interior design.

Floor Plan 103.8㎡

Mondrian House floor plan 103.8
Mondrian House 3d design picture 103.8
I divided my rooms according to the painting I chose. Some rooms were smaller than others which posed as a challenge but I managed to make everything work. Different rooms were assigned to different colors such as red, blue, and white.

Space Showcase 13 Renders


Kitchen 3d design renderings
My kitchen and living room was one room, but I divided it with a wall with a opening to create some more space. Basically, my living room and kitchen are in one room and they were based off of the color red. As you can see with the colors of the wall and texture, I wanted the house to look modern.
Kitchen 3d design renderings


Bathroom 3d design renderings
This is my first bathroom and I made it pretty simple because my master bedroom was designed more intricately. I based this room off the color blue and made it semi-modern. If you haven't noticed, I like having a lot of windows for nice views and the natural lighting.
Bathroom 3d design renderings
Bathroom 3d design renderings


Bedroom 3d design renderings
My bedroom was two different rooms, but if you notice right before the bed there's a division of the bed and the dressing area. I wanted my bedroom to look bigger than the small room that I had before. This was based off of the color white.


Bedroom1 3d design renderings

Living and Dining Room

Living and Dining Room 3d design renderings
These are more pictures of my living room and kitchen. Here you can see the visible division between the two rooms.
Living and Dining Room 3d design renderings

Laundry Room1

Laundry Room1 3d design renderings
These are two different rooms, one of them being yellow and the other black. I wanted this to be pretty simple because it was a very tiny space. It's a laundry room, with a very nice view of the city.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom 3d design renderings
My favorite room by far is the master bathroom. I added a separate shower and a bathtub in a pitch black color. This room is inspired by the color grey. I also really liked the idea of a mirror wall because the light bounces off of it, making the room brighter since there are no windows.
Master Bathroom 3d design renderings
Master Bathroom 3d design renderings

This home design project - Mondrian House was published on 2021-12-01 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 13 high quality photorealistic rendered images.