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2021-11-15 0 40

Madalyn's Boho Room #EmptyRoomContest Interior Design Render

Madalyn's Boho Room #EmptyRoomContest

This house is for the #EmptyRoomContest and the theme I chose to go with is a Boho room. It is very calming and relaxing and it has some plants too. I'm in school and I had a time limit to make this so I did not completly finish but I hope you like it otherwise. It is a bedroom and a closet.

Floor Plan 102.6㎡

I chose this floorplan because it was for the challenge #EmptyRoomContest and I was not allowed to change any of the walls or anything like that. It was a fun challenge and you could really make this room into anything you want.

Space Showcase 3 Renders


Madalyn's Boho Room #EmptyRoomContest Interior Design Render
This is the bedroom area. Again I was on a time limit in my class and I did not finish but I think this room still looks very and unique. The style I was going for was boho. My favorite part of this bedroom is probably the plants, they are so calming and pretty and they fit the boho style perfectly.


Madalyn's Boho Room #EmptyRoomContest Interior Design Render
This room is the closet. I placed each item individually and it was very fun making this closet. My favorite part is definitly the clothes, they are just so fun to look at and finding different outifts to hang up was fun aswell.
Madalyn's Boho Room #EmptyRoomContest Interior Design Render
This is another area of the closet and again the clothes are just very pretty and look amazing in this closet. The room was the perfect size for a closet but I can think of so many other ideas for this space. Thank you for looking at my #EmptyRoomContest design!

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