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Nora Bartley

2021-09-18 0 14

U2A2 My Bedroom - Bartley, Nora Interior Design Render

U2A2 My Bedroom - Bartley, Nora

Welcome to my home!
Come on in...
You can firstly, take your shoes, coats, hats and bags off and place them to the right.
If you need to use the washroom, its just to your left!
When you continue into my home, you will see a beautiful staircase, but lets stay down here today...
On my main floor I have many places to sit, a nice dinner table to share a meal with my friends on, and so. many. cats!
If you need to warm up, feel free to stay by the fireplaces, I also have candles lit and beautiful windows which are shut to keep the cold out.
I hope you enjoyed your tour, visit again soon!

Floor Plan 89.12㎡

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