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Nur Farah Hanani

2021-09-02 0 67

Summer Resident 3d design renderings

Summer Resident

It's basic, but with few twists. Curating the design specially for any family who wishes to bring the outside world into the home, with better perspectives and natural feels. Recommended ergonomic design for young family or old couple!

Floor Plan 95.49㎡

Summer Resident floor plan 95.49
The areas are divided by focusing on three main areas in the front part of the plan, which are the living, the dining, and the kitchen into one big open area. The two same-size bedrooms are separated by a hallway which gets tons of natural lighting through skylights above.

Space Showcase 4 Renders

Summer Resident 3d design renderings
The bedroom is big enough to fit a built-in wardrobe, a queen-sized bed, and a study desk or dresser!
Summer Resident 3d design renderings
A kitchen, a living area, a dining area all in one open space. Oh, a skylight on the hallway to generate better sunlight and convincing the users to not using artificial lighting in the noon because the house is well lit with natural lighting!
Summer Resident 3d design renderings
The main entrance and the kitchen are separated by a wall but it's a dream come true for housewives to not run from the back of their home just to see who's coming home! The wall is visually accessible for the kitchen user to see through the front view of the home!
Summer Resident 3d design renderings
The other bedroom that staged with a beautiful rattan armchair to accentuate a reading space for elders who love to have silent moment reading while having a cup of tea before getting to sleep!

This home design project - Summer Resident was published on 2021-09-02 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 4 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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