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Ana Paula Castro

2021-07-04 9 723

Sisterhood Interior Design Render


There's a new place in town, have you heard? Sisterhood. It's a super cool pub and restaurant.

Floor Plan 591.22㎡

If you want to drink a good beer, listen to quality music and maybe play billiards, that's the place. And if you also want to eat a good pizza, dinner or have a wine, whiskey who knows, has no better place than Sisterhood.

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Sisterhood Interior Design Render

Comments (9)

  • Ana Paula Castro

    @ Larissa Bueno
    Lá na ferramenta de customização, eu desenho mais ou menos a área onde quero que o texto apareça e depois clico com a ferramenta de texto na área que eu desenhei. Depois dá pra ajustar o tamanho, a profundidade, a orientação. Nesse caso aí do letreiro, eu depois apaguei a área que eu tinha desenhado para ancorar o texto. Também penei um pouco pra descobrir como fazia.

    12 July

  • Ana Paula Castro @ Alan Richard

    Obrigada! =)

    3 July

  • Alan Richard

    Parabens excelente projeto!!

    3 July

  • Ana Paula Castro @ borrego berto

    Thank you!

    3 July

  • borrego berto

    great 👏👍

    2 July

  • Ana Paula Castro @ Clementine M

    You are welcome! Thank you.

    1 July

  • Clementine M @ Ana Paula Castro

    Thanks,Im on the way! Wow, that's impressive,2 weeks! It's really beautiful and realistic. I hope it makes the gallery.Thanks for answering my questions.

    1 July

  • Ana Paula Castro @ Clementine M

    Thank you so much, Clementine! I would be very happy to have you there for a beer!
    This project took me 2 weeks, working on it every day. The road and buildings in front of Sisterhood are 3D models that I found at 3dwarehouse. However, they have some customizations. The signage was made with Customize Interior Modeling of Homestyler.
    I'm really glad you liked it! =)

    28 June

  • Clementine M

    Your talent is out of this world! How long did this take?I want to go there!
    Quick question!How did you do the signage and road?Stunning!!!!!!

    28 June