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Grace River

2021-06-16 2 94

My Living Room Interior Design Render

My Living Room

After a few intermitted days of work, here is my real living room! We love our living room. It's a cool room with tons of natural light and a view of our pond! Hope you like and follow!!!

Floor Plan 143.2㎡

This is my living room's floor plan and a view from the balcony! :D

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Living Room

My Living Room Interior Design Render
Our living room! A lot of things are not exact. For example, we actually have a lot of custom features like the fireplace. Because of that and my lack of skill level, I could not perfectly replicate the stone on our fireplace or the shape. It still looks cool though :).
My Living Room Interior Design Render


Literally none of the furniture is exact, but it's as close as I could get to our actual furniture. The clock is ALMOST identical to out clock though. :D I did not want to recreate our kitchen too so you just see a wall behind the couch.

Comments (2)

  • Grace River @ Homestyler Official

    Thanks! But it’s not a duplex. It’s my living room. I live in a two story house that is open concept. I didn’t include the kitchen just cause I didn’t want too right now. Maybe I’ll add the kitchen later. 🙃😊

    19 June

  • Homestyler Official

    Nice duplex design~

    18 June