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Mackenzie's Bedroom Interior Design Render

Mackenzie's Bedroom

This is Mackenzie Hollister's room from dork diaries. MacKenzie Hollister is the main antagonist. She is the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day Middle School, the leader of the CCP's (Cute, Cool & Popular) clique and the enemy of Nikki Maxwell.

Floor Plan 377.13㎡

I know that Mackenzie is rich so I created a big room and a big walk in closet that has room to watch tv.

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  • Mishae Interior

    Are these books dork diaries? 😄
    Such hilarious books!
    mishae interior.



    Which side are you on? Nikki or Mackenzie. Nikki is the nice dork queen and Mackenzie is the mean popular girl. Please read tales-from-a-not-so-dorky-drama-queen.

    4 June