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Callie M.

2021-05-10 18 147

Sakura ~ Teenage Girl's Bedroom 3d design renderings

Sakura ~ Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Video rendering coming soon!
Hope you like it!

Floor Plan 20.82㎡

Sakura ~ Teenage Girl's Bedroom floor plan 20.82

Space Showcase 7 Renders

Teen Bedroom

Teen Bedroom 3d design renderings
Teen Bedroom 3d design renderings
Teen Bedroom 3d design renderings
Teen Bedroom 3d design renderings
Teen Bedroom 3d design renderings
Teen Bedroom 3d design renderings

This home design project - Sakura ~ Teenage Girl's Bedroom was published on 2021-05-10 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 7 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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Comments (18)

  • Rasya Omar


    7 August

  • Doğa Kırarslan

    What a nice design Callie✍🏻

    13 July

  • Jodie Wilson

    This looks great, the colours look amazing

    27 June

  • Rachel Magen ❤️

    Beautifully made♥️

    19 June

  • Agente Inmobiliaria 😁

    This is such a beautiful desing ! the colors are super nice and cozy ✨
    also.. how do you do the grown effect on the video? it looks super nice too !

    8 June

  • Simply Home Interior Designs

    Hi Callie! I'm not sure if you are active on Homestyler...... but I have a new design if you want to check it out. I hope you are doing ok, and I hope to see your new design.

    3 June

  • Nikola's Designs

    This design is so simple, girly, and beautiful. A teen would definitely love to have a room like this. And I also like the idea of sofa in the corner of corridor. Altought I think that the painting there is little too obstrusive(my first language isn't english so I don't know if that is the correct word). Gold goes really well together with those pinkish tones. In general, I really like this room!

    28 May

  • R a i n a . D o u g h t y

    This is so cute!! I really like how light and clean it is!! Great job :)

    28 May

  • Simply Home Interior Designs

    This is so beautiful! This is a dream for a little girl!

    17 May

  • Hana @ Callie M.

    That's okay!

    13 May

  • Callie M. @ Evolutionary Architects

    Haha! Thank you Eveline!

    11 May

  • Callie M. @ Hana

    Thank you so much Hana! I will make sure to check out your latest design but sometimes I can't comment on designs because it will not automatically log me in when I go to a design page, and then I can't log in manually because it doesn't pop up. Although I can't comment I will make sure to see it!

    11 May

  • Callie M. @ Ran

    Thanks Ran! :D

    11 May

  • Callie M. @ Clementine M

    Thank you so much Clementine! I really appreciate it! :)

    11 May

  • Evolutionary Architects

    Looks totally teen to me!

    11 May

  • Hana

    I love this, I wish this could be my bedroom!! Also feel free to check out my latest design:)

    11 May

  • Ran

    hey Callie! nice to see you back! I love the colours for this! well done!

    10 May

  • Clementine M

    Beautiful colours and layout! Well done Callie!

    10 May