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Louie Asilo

2021-06-02 0 53 Living area Interior Design Render Living area

A 30 square meter dedicated floor area of a cozy yet modern classic idea of living space that create 270 degree view angel which it's said to be a "bee's eye style" that give more comfort with its high creation ceiling combine with a high-wide angle of clear window to scrutinize the ambiance of an outdoor looks "sky pod". The design was inspired with minimalist style with touch of a modern concept which simplify the beauty of a home.."

Floor Plan 283.74㎡

The design of living area was base on the concept of simple apparel style 'T-shirt' that in-built with different fixtures to create a good plan and spacious living space..

Space Showcase 1 Renders

Living Room Living area Interior Design Render


Design represent the simple beauty and yet cozy feelings

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