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Anaya Parikh

2021-04-08 0 68

1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment - Anaya Parikh Interior Design Render

1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment - Anaya Parikh

This is the 1 bed 1 bath apartment I designed for my complex! Filled with elegant and modern touches, this 710 square foot area and 100 square foot balcony is the ideal space to fit any individual's needs and wants in a home. Including a fluid design and industrial interior additions, the area includes a living room, kitchen, free activity space, bedroom, and a bathroom as well as laundry and closet areas to ensure total usage. The color scheme includes a variety of neutral tones with beiges, whites, grays, blacks, and light blues and displays a prominent usage of deep metals and wood.

Floor Plan 82.38㎡

Space Showcase 22 Renders

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