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2021-05-01 3 62

United States

it is a nice house that will have all you need

Floor Plan 2712.5㎡

Space Showcase 2 Renders

Comments (3)

  • Grace River @ T Q

    huh? why would you hate your posts? From the quick blip that I saw your house looks great!

    4 August

  • T Q @ Grace River

    Sorry you can't go to first floor. I just hate my posts.

    3 August

  • Grace River

    Cool place! I think you needed to make the actual run time of the video longer though. When making the video render, you choose how long the video runs for. It doesn't automatically make the movie in fps, it's just take some key frames, choose a time length, and it pans through the frames and that is the movie.

    3 August