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Bringing vintage into Modern 3d design renderings


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Bringing vintage into Modern

This design is an entire top floor built for a specific family that is large. It has perfect spaces and brings the vintage requirements I was set into a Modern day home.

Floor Plan 460.93㎡

Bringing vintage into Modern floor plan 460.93
Bringing vintage into Modern 3d design picture 460.93
The structure off this design has corners and nooks so that older children can have space and privacy. It has lots of room without being to spacious. The guest room is also useful as it creates a space for guests to relax and have their own space.

Space Showcase 19 Renders

Girls bedroom

Girls bedroom 3d design renderings
The wardrobe has a desk for the older child to work at and the huge space inside it is useful for both children's clothes and belongings. The bunk beds are beautifully decorated with pillows and blankets.
Girls bedroom 3d design renderings
Here you can see the door leading to the playroom/den. You can also see the beds in more detail, including the shelfs which has storage in it.
Girls bedroom 3d design renderings
A dresser for the babies items and also some other things. The big window gives an amazing view with lovely purple curtains to match the purple theme. I've created an wall opening leading to the private bedroom area for the older child.
Bringing vintage into Modern 3d design renderings
This balcony is for the boys mainly but just generally the entire family. It's a space to play, chill and have fun. With a stunning view.

Boys bedroom

Boys bedroom 3d design renderings
The bunk beds are cool and retro. I wanted to use dark walls because it adds a chill yet dramatic effect. A shelf with toys displays toys to add a more calming effect.
Boys bedroom 3d design renderings
This render focuses on the balcony doors and the arm chair sitting area. The mix coloured curtains give a really nice stripped pattern. The sitting area has a good solid rug and armchairs to cuddle up read a book or have friends over to go crazy!
Boys bedroom 3d design renderings
Here is the area for the oldest boy. It's dramatic and has matching wooden furniture. The bed is traditional yet has a fun element with the playful décor. The desk has shelves for books, accessories and also a great place to do homework and study. The dresser is for clothes and other things.

Older girl space

Older girl space 3d design renderings
An amazing place to work over at the desk. It has photos off her family to inspire and a beautiful window view to gaze at. The area continues the purple theme of the main bedroom, the curtains identical to the ones in the main bedroom.
Older girl space 3d design renderings
A mirror to check outfits and a secret wardrobe hidden behind for clothes. Photos everywhere to make it a light, airy, fun place to sleep. The bed has is decorated to the point where it looks professional. It even has a cuddly toy on it.


Onsuite 3d design renderings
The onsuite for the master bedroom is very calm and delicate. It has a beautiful painting, huge showers and a vintage and detailed sink. This room is small but functional.

Guest Bedrooom

Guest Bedrooom 3d design renderings
The guest room has a luxurious hotel feel. It has a dark theme and simple furniture so that guest don't feel like their in someone else's house yet they are in a calm space that isn't filled with someone else stuff.
Guest Bedrooom 3d design renderings
Another angle of the amazing guest room.


Hallway 3d design renderings
A princess yet adult bed. The cot is big, beautiful and calm. A sofa for little ones to sit at while you get ready and paintings and rugs to finish off the look.
Hallway 3d design renderings
The oversized wardrobe means there is plenty of space for everything.
Hallway 3d design renderings
A dresser to put other belongings in. The makeup table on the other side with mirrors so you can see yourself. The shelf to also put other items.

Girls den/playroom

Girls den/playroom 3d design renderings
The den/playroom connects to the girls room. A space for them to express themselves and have fun!

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
This is actually the hallway. Long with huge windows to showcase the view. The area at the end has a sitting area and shelf to showcase treasured items.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
A family spacious bathroom which has a luxury feel to the space.
Bathroom 3d design renderings
Separate tiles make the bath area stand out.

This home design project - Bringing vintage into Modern was published on 2023-01-04 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 19 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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