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Oliwia Ojrzanowska

2021-02-22 24 1533

Welcome to the jungle Interior Design Render

Welcome to the jungle

Floor Plan 431.83㎡

Space Showcase 8 Renders

Living Room



Comments (24)

  • Carlos Barrios Suasi

    Amazing,just so amazing

    11 May

  • Sophie Ward - Campbell


    9 March

  • Mary Ella

    i love the colors!!

    5 March

  • Annabelle Krawczak @ Annabelle Krawczak

    love it so much

    3 March

  • Annabelle Krawczak

    I love this house whoever lives there is lucky to be there i love the house i wish i could live there it is so pretty

    3 March

  • sejal aggarwal

    The experimentation and creativity is quite literally visible here .
    This could be also named as biophilic design strategy .
    Although some elements confuse me about the theme but apart from that it’s a fantastic deisgn .
    Please checkout my deisgns and let me know how you feel .

    2 March

  • Oliwia Ojrzanowska @ Marcelina

    Naciśnij raz na obiekt i wybierz "Replace Material"

    1 March

  • Zayd Nisar

    Love It 💙!!!

    28 February

  • Design Generation

    Check out my designs :)

    23 February

  • Aleksandra

    piękna przestrzeń. Jak w chatce na Bali :) Zapraszam do mnie

    22 February

  • Autumn Black @ Ava Bowers

    That's straight from the Homestyler catalog, so that you're aware. Just wanted to let you know.

    21 February

  • Marcelina

    Jak zmieniłaś wzór pościeli na podwieszanym łóżku ? Mega projekt !

    19 February

  • Ava Bowers

    Can you please check out this design?

    19 February

  • Agente Inmobiliaria 😁

    Wooow This is amazing

    19 February

  • Web Foot

    I love this design! It's so unique and inviting! The roof-like shingles are so cool.

    19 February

  • Elemental Designs♥

    Oh my goodness! This design is so creative! I love it! ❤

    19 February

  • Ava Bowers

    I love this! Just an FYI one of your books has a word I don't think should be in there, but other than that great job!!! Please check out my designs, this one is new

    18 February

  • Chiranjith Bandara

    well done love the combination of wood and green and must say bathroom is pretty awesome ( feel free to check my designs )

    18 February

  • yomna7a

    That's so cooool
    can you check out my designs?

    18 February

  • Hana

    Wow, I love the plants and the wood, Amazing job, well done:)
    Please check out my designs::))

    18 February

  • Vimbai D


    18 February

  • Eliza


    18 February

  • Хочу домой!!

    Великолепно в жизни такого не видел все подопроно со вкусом и мне оооооооочень нравится прошу посмотрите мои проекты и укажите на недостатки чтобы я их исправил

    18 February

  • moderno perfecto

    this is my dream home its so invormental freindly

    18 February