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Ava Asselstine

2020-12-29 1 43

Rustic Bathroom Interior Design Render

Rustic Bathroom

This is kinda as rustic as I could get it but here you go. Leave a comment.

Floor Plan 25.24㎡

Space Showcase 7 Renders

Comments (1)

  • Evelyn

    I like the tub toilet and shelf area. I like the plant wall thing and the shelf. The dor is good too. My only few things r that I feel like the sink and shower don't fit in at all. The vanity is rly clunkyy and ug. The shower is good but I feel like its not rustic at all. It wood haha look better if there was more wood. Like instead of doing the accent was of brown paint, u should have used wood.

    29 December