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Gray of Fame 3d design renderings

Gray of Fame

Inspired by a low cost finish that will surely fit middle class people budget. Thus the only focus of budget goes with the furniture that focuses on a comfortable living. The kitchen

Floor Plan 121.24㎡

Gray of Fame floor plan 121.24
This is a 3 bedroom one story house. I still need to update this plan because I haven't decide what to do with the 3rd bedroom and also the windows are not yet place since I wanted to put it while thinking of what kind or ambiance for a room should I make. Will update this soon.

Space Showcase 6 Renders

Gray of Fame 3d design renderings
Gray of Fame 3d design renderings
A simple and gray tile was place to stand as accent to this room despite being quite dark it did not overshadow the entire place, picking a small black set of vase will prove the rooms simple motif. The book shelf attach on the wall are all simple and white to compliment to its modern look.
Gray of Fame 3d design renderings
For this dining I just aim to put a comfortable and simple look, putting bench on the other side represent the comfortable and free eating way the family can share.
Gray of Fame 3d design renderings
This is indeed a nice capture yet very sophisticated. Simply elegant yet not so expensive.
Gray of Fame 3d design renderings
Putting a spotlight and tiny light chandelier is a bit of what interest me the most, since I din not put any down light I want this lights to give a warm cozy dim feeling for the living room, not to mention a lazy sofa is given to create a modern look. A simple easy way to enjoy life.
Gray of Fame 3d design renderings


Please enjoy.. Thank you

This home design project - Gray of Fame was published on 2019-03-29 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 6 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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