Chobe Joelle

23 October 16 404


I wanted to create a home that's inspired by plants and natural woods. I still wanted a modern feel to it so I combined the two to create this high rise home! I made sure to have majority of the walls be windows because the view is so nice, and also because I want this home to not have to use as much light. There are lights in every room but with the amount of windows, during the day, you don't need to use them! I kept it television and computer free because I want this to be an oasis. A break from the busyness of the world, and a place to be still.

Floor Plan 886.7㎡

I wanted the center of the main living space to have a tree and open ceiling because the focus of the home is plants and openness. Lots of light from the windows in every room to just bring in natural lights.

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