Please HELP ! First time user !

Sergio Amateis3 August

After some fiddling with the 3D View, zoom, rotation, and maybe I also entered rendering mode, but then exit without doing anything, I have found a strange double square, in the center of my model. This is very annoying, I do not know what is it, I can not select it....

What is that, and How I can remove it ??  Thank you !!!   

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Grace Simmons4 August
Looks like it could be a custom ceiling/custom modeling/HS ceiling model. Check to see what is floating around in 3D view. If you created a custom model/custom ceiling on another floor, that's what it could be also. If it isn't either, then contact HS support and see if they can fix it.
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Abby da Narwhal4 August
Hi Sergio! It is not a wall! it is the ceiling. it is found in customize ceiling. Look up in that area.☺
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