How to add a window above the door?

Homestyler Official18 February 2021

In the left panel, select "Create Room-Door and Window-Window" to add a window. After adjusting the window size and increase the window elevation height, simply add the door below the elevated window.


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allimpactr23 July 2022
We likewise utilize a transom in the entryway family. There are a couple various ways of doing this. One is to make the transom part of the entryway family. The other is to have a different transom family settled into the entryway family. A portion of the folks here have made the two sorts. I still can't seem to conclude which I like better.
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allimpactr11 June 2022
To hang a pocket door, you need a rough opening that is twice as wide as the door itself. This means taking down the old swinging door, removing the jamb and disassembling the wall framing. You'll also need to remove drywall and relocate any electrical wires that are in the way.
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