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Homeland Escape -Three Rivers Housing Project 3d design renderings


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Homeland Escape -Three Rivers Housing Project

One of the many models available as part of the three rivers housing project, homeland escape provides a different perspective on to the world modern housing. While Homeland Escape retains the modern look and feel of a house in 2022 it also changes, innovates, and takes back on what makes a house a true home. The Homeland Escape truly innovates by sacrificing size for intimacy and comfort. The estate is just 1 floor, 2 bedrooms, and one bathroom but provides a large fully furnished kitchen and living room, focusing on what makes home, well home.

Floor Plan 139.23㎡

Homeland Escape -Three Rivers Housing Project  floor plan 139.23
Homeland Escape -Three Rivers Housing Project  3d design picture 139.23
The Floor Plan of the Homeland Escape Model is designed to to exercise and emphasize the living room and dining/kitchen area. The front entrance to the house is fairly condensed leading down a fairly sized hallway were you will see single bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room, to your right along wit

Space Showcase 8 Renders


Bedroom 3d design renderings
A small single bedroom that packs in all the needed essentials with an added touch of beauty while keeping it simple. The bedroom is fished with a split brick and modern grey facade. The room carries space for one twin bed along with a bedside table and dresser for additional storage.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
Well not being massive the one house bathroom comes beautifully finished and furnished with split marble and brick facade, large whirlpool bathtub, modern toilet, fancy marble counter area with storage space, two sinks, two mirrors, modern shower and multiple towel racks. It may not biggest but it

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
The most spacious bedroom in the house as it should be, The master bedroom really packs in a punch. As every room should it gathers in all the needed essentials along with a lot more, to make a comfortable and enjoyable living space.
Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
The area is finished with the same split facade as the room one, along with space for a twin bed a dresser, side table, and desk for extra storage and enjoyment.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room 3d design renderings
The laundry room while small is fully furnished with both washer, dryer, and additional sink. The room also includes extra storage in the form of shelves and cabinets for all your washing and drying needs.

Living Room and Kitchen

Living Room and Kitchen 3d design renderings
The bright star of the house if you will. The living room provides a ton of space for gatherings, events, and entertainment. The space carries plenty of room for amenities like couches, chairs, televisions, and whatever else you can think of to suit your entertainment and social needs.
Living Room and Kitchen 3d design renderings
This really may just be the crown jewel of the estate. The spacious kitchen area is designed to be the perfect space for dining of all types across social events.
Living Room and Kitchen 3d design renderings
The area comes fully furnished including a fridge, stove, kitchen island (seats up to four at full capacity ), mini drink seller, trash disposal, pantry, lots of storage space ( in the form of cabinets and drawers), dining room table ( seats up to 8 at full capacity). All of this helps to create a

This home design project - Homeland Escape -Three Rivers Housing Project was published on 2022-10-17 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 8 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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