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Modern and Country side house 3d design renderings



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Modern and Country side house

This is the perfect house for a family of four who loves the country side. Who loves to have guests over, having big dinners with close relatives or have a touch of modern with traditional. This house has 2 floors. On the main floor we have a living room, dining room that opens for the backyard, a big size kitchen, a guests bathroom and bedroom and also an office. On the second floor, we have a massive master bedroom with private closet, a full bathroom for the family, a laundry room, and 2 bedrooms with amazing sizes for a teenage boy and a little girl.

Floor Plan 338.28㎡

Modern and Country side house floor plan 338.28
Modern and Country side house 3d design picture 338.28

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Modern and Country side house 3d design renderings


A massive house that seems empty and not country side but has a lot to offer. This house has a lot of ligthning and offers every room that you can dream.


Bedroom 3d design renderings


This is the bedroom for a little boy or maybe a young teenager. With the combination of dark green and blue and white with ligth brow wood the room sees to be more peaceful. Has a lot of storage that can be used for toys or even school material.

Living Room

Living Room 3d design renderings


When I see this living room I imagine myself sitting on the couch after dinner with my family just chatting. On the tones of dark blue, black, white and pink I wanted to demonstrate the felling of tradicional, elegance and calm. Has storage, a beautiful fireplace for the cold winters and a piano.


Kitchen 3d design renderings


The kitchen is the heart of the home and thats why I did a big kitchen with an island on the center. This way all the family can get around and make dinner or at least a cake for the afternoon. How to not fall in love with that wallpaper, rigth?

Master Bedroom1

Master Bedroom1 3d design renderings


The room for the grown-up. The room where the couple comes and sits on the bed to chat, or see Netflix or even to have romantic moments. White, black and grey maybe are the easy tones to use but are also the ones who I think most impress and give us power and elegance vibes.
Master Bedroom1 3d design renderings


Of course the master bedroom has a beautiful closet. The invisible wardobre as I call it not only is inovated as it pushs someone to actually have our clothes perfectly placed.


Hallway 3d design renderings


In this image you see the hallway and the office. The hallway is simple but the office is sweet. As you walk in here you have the sense that who is behind the desk is more than responsible and dedicated to ther business as also is calm and humble.


Bathroom 3d design renderings


Sometimes we have stressful times. Bad days at work or in the school are the worsts but the best fix can be a buble bath. In the tones of dark blue, white, grey and black it brings calm and serenity to this place. Who could say that a bathroom actually coul be this shinnig?

Dining Room

Dining Room 3d design renderings


In here you get around your closes or friends to have a delicious meal. Dark blue, white and black with a touch of gold brings elegance as the funny side to every dinner.

Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom 3d design renderings


Normally the girls bedrooms are all pink but in this one i tried to combine the tradicional with the modern. Yes we have pink but also white, ment and yellow. I just can imagine a little girl playing a tea party with her friends in here, so adorable.

This home design project - Modern and Country side house was published on 2021-09-06 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 10 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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