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One Milênio 3d design renderings


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One Milênio

This is a real floorplant that belongs to a real state development down my street. It's a small apartment, 50m², but this design is proof that this small floorplant can acommodate two people (and a dog!) comfortably.

Floor Plan 50㎡

One Milênio floor plan 50
It's no news that such a small space needs integrated areas and light colors so it can look bigger. Having two doors in the bathroom is a simple arrangement to provide privacy to the couple in case a guest needs to go to the toilet and does not have to go through the bedroom to do so.

Space Showcase 12 Renders


LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
Small spaces not always need to be covered in white. Painting the walls with a warm and colorful palette and adding fabric pieces bring texture and coziness to the place.
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
Cabinets tha do not go all the way to the ceiling can make it look like the space is higher than it seems.
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
A couch with no arm support helps the space not to feel cluttered.
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
Round tables are always a good option when it comes to small integrated spaces because it gives more circulatory space and allows more seats to fit in, when needed.


Bedroom 3d design renderings
Toned down colors in the bedroom when you have social areas with lots of contrast is a good idea. It brings a sense of quietud and relaxation. Here the colors are a lighter version of what we find in the living room and kitchen.
Bedroom 3d design renderings
Bedroom 3d design renderings
An embedded floor-to-ceiling wardrobe goes a long way in a small bedroom. The colored, but neutral, woodwork brings live to the space and the mirrored part adds lenght.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
Bright, spacious and clean. A 6m² bathroom can feel like a true bath room when it's well designed.
Bathroom 3d design renderings
Bathroom 3d design renderings

This home design project - One Milênio was published on 2023-08-09 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 12 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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