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The main concept in this project is natural light. Every main room in this house has some sort of natural light coming in and brightening the space. Every room is a mix of natural elements and textures with modern design furniture.

Floor Plan 233.43㎡

Penthouse floor plan 233.43
This floor plan was conceived with the courtyard as the center os the house, which follows, in structure and design, the natural light and outdoor environment being brought inside.

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MasterBathroom 3d design renderings
MasterBathroom 3d design renderings
The arch takes one to the master bedroom closet and just adds an mediterranean
MasterBathroom 3d design renderings
This live wall in the glass ceiling shower area connects whoever is in the bathroom with the ouside and promotes an amazing, relaxing experience while showering. The couple can connect amongst themselves while watching the sky through the glass while taking a bath.
MasterBathroom 3d design renderings
Double sinks are just a must.
MasterBathroom 3d design renderings
Minimalistic and natural. The textures in this bathroom play a fundamental role in this design. matching ivory cement with the jute carpet and wicker basket, adding layers to the intentionally flat design.


LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
This dining table, attached to the kitchen furniture, brings an even bigger sense os integration, allowing the people seated to communicate with the ones in the kitchen area.
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
Modern and straight lines furniture balance the style with natural elements such a natural fiber rug, brass lamps, plants and the outside area.
LivingDiningRoom 3d design renderings
Open space and natural light are the words in this integrated kitchen, living and dining room.


MasterBedroom 3d design renderings
The lighted wall niche keeps the room minimalist and removes the need for a night table; and elevates the room in terms of structure, right?
MasterBedroom 3d design renderings
This master bedroom, just like any other main room in the house, has an access to natural lighting and outdoor space, connecting itself to the rest of the home, structure and design wise.
MasterBedroom 3d design renderings
Everything here just matches: bedding, woods, macrame wall standart, lamps and plants. Everything colaborates to the room natural and boho vibes.
MasterBedroom 3d design renderings
A small reading area is always welcomed.
MasterBedroom 3d design renderings
This relaxing bedroom is projected with earth tones and natural textures and elements.

This home design project - Penthouse was published on 2021-01-30 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 14 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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    good job :)

    1 March 2021

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    Inès GD Design

    Very good job Giovanna! Congrats!

    18 January 2021