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a small statue of a bird on a beach


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Protect the Ocean 🌊

The amount of plastics in the ocean is overwhelming..... dozens of fishes are found lying on the shore dead.... due to pollution caused by humans and plastic waste deposited into the ocean.

sea life living in their own world like in a glass bottle with no freedom...

One thing we can all help with is organizing cleanups at the beach so as not to add to already existing ones.. making more bins available for throwing trash

This home design project - Protect the Ocean 🌊 was published on 2023-09-03 and was 100% designed by Homestyler Mobile App, which includes 13 popular, exquisite models

a small statue of a bird on a beach

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    Relaxing Meditation Sounds

    lovely ❤️

    5 September

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    Decor Enthusiast @ Oliver Kissie

    Thank you!!!

    2 September

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    Oliver Kissie


    2 September