Rendering Basics and Frequent Problems

16 November 2020


Introduction to the Rendering Interface:

屏幕快照 2020-11-16 上午12.53.21.png


To move the view more conveniently, please learn to use the shortcuts:

Q/E to elevate or lower the camera

W/S (or left/right button on keyboard) to move forwards and backwards

A/D (or up/down button on keyboard) to move leftwards and rightwards

[*This also works in design interface in 3D view mode.]

Below are FAQs and common solutions of Rendering:

1. The glass is rendered deformed. What should I do? 


  • If the glass model is from public model library, feel free to contact us and please send us the screenshot of the item, including the name and brand.  

  • However, if it's a personal model, there are two reasons for this situation. The corresponding solutions are as follows:

     a. Please increase the thickness of the glass appropriately in 3Ds Max.
      b. The normal direction of the glass model is reversed, please correct the normal in
3Ds Max.

2. Narrowed FOV due to small room space. 

Switch to Camera Settings, turn on clipping, and set the clipping depth according to your need.


3. How to adjust the environment brightness?

Click the edit panel to modify brightness or adjust rotation horizontally of the environment.


4. The light is not illuminating or there is halo around it. (As shown below)  

Solution: Please check whether the light overlaps with the wall or suspended ceiling. If so, please make some adjustments and render it again.  

5. Why is it completely black when viewing rendered images?

Solution: Please go to the upper right small window of the rendering environment and check if the camera lens is inside the wall or door. As shown below:

6. The glass door of the cabinet looks like mirror after rendering. 

Reason: The light in and out of the cabinet vary considerably which cause the illusion of stronger reflection.

Solution: Please consider adding light in the cabinet to fill up the gap, and render it again.  

7. Why am I unable to view details of rendered images?

Solution: Please try to clear the cached files of your browser:  

Chrome browser- Settings- Privacy and security- Clear browsing data- Click "Cached images and files"- Clear data

8. The color of the model is different before and after rendering. 

Solution: Please open the Gamma/LUT correction in 3Ds Max and set the Gamma value to: 2.2, then export the model and upload it to Homestyler again.

9. Personal uploaded model is entirely black after rendering. What do I do?

Solution: Please check whether the normal of the model is reversed in 3Ds Max. If it's reversed, correct it then export the model and upload it to Homestyler again.

10. The size of the model differed before and after rendering.

Reason: Incorrect model unit setting

Solution: a. Personal model: Modify the unit of the model in the System Unit Setup in 3Ds Max (as shown below)

              b. Public model: Please feel free to contact us and send us the screenshot of the item, including the name and catalog.  


11. The rendered images are blurry.

Please wait until the image is fully loaded, which depends on your internet connection (5 -10 sec). Or you could download the image to view it~
In addition, the maximum magnification of the image is 4 times. The image will be a little blurred if you zoom in to view it.

12. Extra light/black pieces/color block appeared in the rendered image.  

Certain models usually are not working properly, so you need to find out and replace them. There are two reference ways as follows:

1. If it's normal with previous rendered image, then check the new added or replaced models after that. Check related models in turn, and the corresponding images—if everything works fine after a certain model was deleted or hidden, then please delete or replace this one.

2. Start from the room where seems to have the issue. First, clear all the models in the room, and render it to see if it's normal now. If there is no problem, then it means the model in question is in this room. Second, delete the remaining models in batches, and check corresponding images. The same as last one, if everything works fine after a certain model was deleted or hidden, then please delete or replace this one. 


(example for extra light)

                              (black piece)

(color block)

13. Black/gray shadows appear in the rendered image.

The light (especially virtual light) overlaps with the wall or suspended ceiling, please adjust location of the light.


14. The light in the mirror is not illuminating.

Under customized lighting, select corresponding light and tick 'Enable Highlight'. 

镜子里灯具.pngenable highlight.png镜子里灯具2.png

15. How to adjust camera FOV and view clipping before rendering panorama? 

When rendering the panorama, camera FOV is fixed at 90°, and the clipping is also a fixed value, so these two options cannot be adjusted.


16. How to remove watermark?

We have Pro membership and Master membership. The paid membership functions include watermark removal.

edit image.png


17. It's totally blank/failed to load after entering 'Edit Image' function. 

It may happen if 3D engine of the browser crashed, you can close the browser and reopen it.

18. I can't open a panorama and it prompts that the browser doesn't support WebGL.

It may happen if 3D engine of the browser crashed, you can close the browser and reopen it.

image (1).png

19. What should I do if my rendering request was denied?

  • First, please check if your other designs can be rendered. If they can be submitted for rendering, then it means your network is normal.  

  • Please save the design, copy the floorplan link before closing the current page. Open the design in a new tab to see if it can be submitted.

  • If it still doesn't work, please feel free to contact us and send your floorplan link to us(click File and Share the Project, then copy the url from there), make sure to set it as public so that we can access and help you out.  

20. How to remove bright spots that appear on the wall, floor or model surfaces?

Solution: Please check the light source. If it's a light model, please switch off the corresponding light through customized lighting.

But if it's ambient light, please adjust the reflection to 1% from 'Environment- edit panel'.  


(bright spot)


【If none of above FAQ solves your problem, please contact us through email: