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Queen's towers . 3d design renderings

Queen's towers .

This is my mansion, the best one you've ever seennnn. It has everything you need ! It has 4 bedrooms, 5 washrooms a laundry room 2 living rooms, a kitchen and a studio. If you wouldn't want to live here I don't know what's wrong with you. It has luxurious cars and a fountain at the front. It's perfect ! (ok well the cars don't come with the house but it could ;) Ok ok now lets get into the game room. The game room has a pool table, you can play some pool with friends family or alone... which I don't know why'd you wanna play it alone when you have a huge house ! (throw a party there's a bar)

Floor Plan 544.03㎡

Queen's towers .  floor plan 544.03
SOOO basically I needed some help coming up with floorplan ideas so I got one from google but I realized the house was really tiny so I redid the spaces and made everything larger. So the rooms and everything else is pretty large and then I decided to just go for a mansion instead of a small house.

Space Showcase 5 Renders

Laundry Room

Laundry Room 3d design renderings
Now as you can tell the house is very minimal and basic and everything is plain but that's the best part. The laundry room as you can see is very plain. It's beautiful and there's a lot of sun light.


Corridor 3d design renderings
When you enter the house you are greeted with these beautiful stairs. I don't actually know what the stairs are called but they are gorgeous and the corridor is very spacious. (I also don't actually know what A corridor is but let's just say this is it ;)
Corridor 3d design renderings
This is the first living room... so the living room on the first floor. This living room is really spacious and the walls give it a cozy feel. Having a cozy living room is MANDITORY if you don't have one like this re-think your house choices. ;)
Corridor 3d design renderings
This is the kitchen! I know this is the most beautiful kitchen you've ever seen. A little further into the kitchen you can see the first dining table. I wanted there to be a more personal space to eat just you and another person. The picture below is dining room number 2.
Corridor 3d design renderings
This dining room also on the main floor is where you would do more family gatherings like thanksgiving or ...yea thanksgiving. It's for having more company over . As you can see it looks really slick and beautiful in here and right on the side of it is the backyard door!

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