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2021-11-18 0 68

#EmptyRoomContest-Bailey Bass Interior Design Render

#EmptyRoomContest-Bailey Bass

This is what I have always wanted my room to look like. So I have made my design to show what I like and not something random like a boy's room. I wanted to show what I like to try to win.

Floor Plan 102.6㎡

This design is for when i want to come home and just relax in my room. So I made this area so that it is calm and cleaned up.

Space Showcase 4 Renders

#EmptyRoomContest-Bailey Bass Interior Design Render
The part I like the best about this picture is the overall room. It turned out so good I really didn't think the room would look this good! I'm so happy with how the curtains end up looking like. The theme is to be a super rexlaxing.
#EmptyRoomContest-Bailey Bass Interior Design Render
This is the living space in the bedroom. This is where you can chill out and just watch some tv.
#EmptyRoomContest-Bailey Bass Interior Design Render
this is the front door. I like this space because I didn't leave the wall right there empty I added it to that wall so it looked better.
#EmptyRoomContest-Bailey Bass Interior Design Render
The space has my closet and on the floor outside of the closet is a bin for pillows and if I wanted to I could put a blanket in there too. Those are the things for the living room space. In my closet, I have a mirror in there and I have some plants and my dressers.

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