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2021-11-13 0 39

#EmptyRoomContest-Ryan Larry Interior Design Render

#EmptyRoomContest-Ryan Larry

While I was creating this room design I thought to myself what troubled me with the space I have. I didn't know if i wanted to make a bathroom, a in home gym, or a music room. It was very entertaining to experiment with the options that were provided and I think in the end it came out better than I expected. Though despite this there were some times I thought that there was nothing I could do to make my room look the best it could, but after trial and error I found what I liked the most.

Floor Plan 102.6㎡

The areas were provided for me because of the contest.

Space Showcase 2 Renders

#EmptyRoomContest-Ryan Larry Interior Design Render
The living room was one of the most troublesome parts because, it was hard to find all that fit the space perfectly and matched with the neutral theme I was going with. But overall I think the best part and the part that stands out the most is the sofas.
#EmptyRoomContest-Ryan Larry Interior Design Render
This is the music room where whom ever uses can play as they wish. My favorite part of this room is the piano.

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