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Nora Bartley

2021-11-10 0 16

U2A5 Second Bonus Room - Bartley, Nora Interior Design Render

U2A5 Second Bonus Room - Bartley, Nora

Welcome to my bonus room! If you are visiting my house and need a place to relax yet be entertained....
Come visit my in-home theater!
When you go through the hall, you will notice that the room with dark with glowing lights all around. This creates a real cinema feel!
To your right, is the best part (in my opinion), the drinks and snacks!
Grab some candy, chocolate, a snack, a refreshment, we have it all!
Take a seat on any of the recliners you'd like, there's pillows and blankets for your comfortability.
My guests are all very welcoming.
Get ready and enjoy the movie!

Floor Plan 302.94㎡

Though I am happy with the finished product, if I were to change one thing I would make the colors of my furniture and items into a lighter shade to brighten up the room. it would add to the outdoorsy and bright aesthetic I'm going for.

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