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Ty Trapani

2021-03-02 0 90

home gym Interior Design Render

home gym

There are two workout spaces, for lifting and the other is for agility training. This design also has a half bath. The area for lifting has a squat rack and a treadmill for cardio. The treadmill has a small tv on the wall to keep the user occupied while using the machine.

Floor Plan 19.81㎡

There was lots of gym equipment to use in a small amount of space. Having lots windows was not a great because of dangerous equipment

Space Showcase 4 Renders

Turf Area

home gym Interior Design Render
Another angle of the turf area, showcasing the tires and yoga ball. Also, a better view of the yoga mat. The window was placed high on the wall to help with ventilation. There is also a sliding door supposed to lead outside ground level.
home gym Interior Design Render
Nothing too fancy, a few kettle bells and a dumbbell rack. There is turf for speed and agility because softer on the knees.


home gym Interior Design Render
A basic half bath with a window for ventilation, and a sink with a nice vanity. There are four lights in each corner, one can be seen at the top of the photo.

Gym Area

home gym Interior Design Render
A better look at the part of the weightlifting room, showcasing the squat rack and treadmill. The mirror is there to see form and to improve it. The vinyl floor is common for weightlifting. There is a ceiling fan for lighting and to help keep the air moving.

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