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8 Person House Interior Design Render

8 Person House

This house was for a project in school. It had to have a lot of detail. Some of it's details include, a master bedroom, toddler room, 2 kids bedrooms, and a guest bedroom. It also has a dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and 3 bathrooms. This house comes with a 1664 ft sq. garage, that includes a work shop. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and closet, and also has a toddler room in the corner. The 2 kids bedrooms are connected by a big door, but has seperate doors to go into. It also has a bathroom that connects to both rooms. This house a perfect cozy home.

Floor Plan 575.15㎡

The floor plan was carefully created with how much space each room needed depending on what the room was used for. The flooring of the house is all hard flooring. The color and texture was choosen by the feeling of the deigned room.

Space Showcase 34 Renders



Walk Way

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Kids Room1


Laundry Room

Dining Room

Kids Bathroom

Master Bathroom


Living Room

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