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Mad Designs

2020-03-26 6 257

House in a minimalist style Interior Design Render

House in a minimalist style

I'm a big fan of modern style in architecture and design, so vast majority of my humble designs are contemporary. I love working with wood and stone, brick and concrete. When it comes to decor I also prefer modern style items, but never will say no to some vintage attributes.

Floor Plan 192.22㎡

Comments (6)

  • Mad Designs @ Tiana W

    Thank you!!

    23 June 2020

  • Tiana W

    this is amazing!!! so realistic!

    12 April 2020

  • Mad Designs @ Evelyn

    thank you!!! I downloaded from one of the 3d models website

    5 April 2020

  • Mad Designs @ alyssa deguzman

    thank you!!!

    5 April 2020

  • Evelyn

    Amazing design! I was wondering how you got that amazing pool?

    27 March 2020

  • alyssa deguzman

    i love it!! it’s so pretty:) please follow me!!!

    25 March 2020